Grassroots, Rhondda and The Premier League: author Peter Roberts on his new book: ‘Park Life’

Writing your first book is no easy feat, right? Well, Peter Roberts spent four years collecting content for his new book ‘Park Life’.

The new book documents the life of Maindy Conservative Football Club, over a span of four years. Peter began documenting games, goal scorers and events just as a hobby, but it evolved into a 128-page book.

Peter felt it was natural to document the adventures of Maindy, as he was good friends with most of the players at the club, and each year they looked forward to his log book of the year’s highlights.

“I used to keep a game summary of every game we played, something which the players looked forward to at presentation evening.”

Now 46, Peter has played four decades of football, starting roughly from the age of 6. Over the course of that time, Peter has been able to see a huge contrast between the professional game and grassroots sport.

“The Premier League is becoming un-achievable, this (Sunday League) is something you can do with your friends.”

With grassroots sport seemingly at a crossroads due to the growing divide between the pro game and amateur sport, Peter is concerned about the future of grassroots in Britain.

“I genuinely think that all grassroots sport is struggling at the moment.”

“The FA directives on inclusivity mean nothing unless people play the sport.”

Recent extreme weather events, like Storm Dennis, have inhibited the progress of Rhondda football, and Peter believes change is needed.

“I am an advocate for summer football. Some teams I know haven’t played for over a month because of the weather.”

With this being his first book, Peter is already on his way to a second, this time detailing the history of clubs that are long gone, and feels they need to be documented. There’s no doubt we can look forward to more historic football storytelling in the years to come from Peter Roberts.

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